HOLIDAY MARKET PROJECTIONS: Our recommendation: SELL your unwanted coins, jewelry, and collectibles N-O-W.

HOLIDAY MARKET PROJECTIONS: Our recommendation: SELL your unwanted coins, jewelry, and collectibles N-O-W.

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D. 1944 Wheat Pennies-(S)(D) Any information greatly appreciated, Thank you for your time.

In 1943 and 1944 they made over a billion pennies. There were a lot of people a lot of cents Why don't you give these to kids and tell them Some history? Get them off their cell phone!

D. 1957 penny

Sometimes a penny is just a penny. In this case, two cents

D. Five dollar bill

A rare upside down printing error! Just kidding. Why did you think this is more than $5?

D. How much is my coin worth

Sit down for this... your coin is worth a dollar. Though you don't see many of them circulating, they made a zillion. I bought a bagel this morning with one.

D. I have a 1989 $500 Venezuela vef it's worth $50.06 USD. My home phone number is 845-802-5270

You can buy these in packs of 100 on eBay for $.20 apiece. So my only question is if you think it's worth $50, how many would you like to buy from me?

D. This coin is a 7 mace and 2 candereens from the kiang nan province. I found it in my father's things tucked away after he passed away. I have read that there are fakes out there. I am wondering if this is real. Thank you. L. Russell

It looks fake. See if a magnet sticks to it, if it does it's definitely fake. If you can get the weight in grams that would help us determine the authenticity.

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