Mail Us Your Coins! Contact us for instructions. 

We'll mail you back a check, it's that simple!


Mail Us Your Coins! Contact us for instructions. 

We'll mail you back a check, it's that simple!

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Get accurate information on your own collection from a true numismatist.

D. Two 1884 silver dollars

If uncirculated these are perhaps $30 each. However they may be over-graded

D. 1836 50 cent piece.

At least an extra fine, $175 retail. Need to see reverse to be sure

D. Mercury dime 1945 W

This looks like an uncirculated one, retails for $20

D. 1843 Seeker Dime

A fine seated liberty dime, figure $20.

D. 1885 3Cent Nickel PL66 1901 5Cent Liberty Head PL67 1906 5Cent Liberty Head PR67 1880-S 1$ Morgan MS66DMPL 1960 1Cent Lincoln CamPF68RD

You can look these up in the PCGS and NGC price guides. Then divide by two for a reality check. These are scarce, conducive to a proper appraisal. Why don't you call us to schedule one? Marc 914-649-3317 .

D. 1953 The Bank of Korea 10 Hwan I have 25 of these all with (149) in red ink. They all appear to be in great condition.

These retail for $5-10 each but the markup is high because they are common. You might get half that selling as a lot.

D. Not sure what these are.

Congratulations, you have two beautiful Norse metals, one thick and one thin, they are silver from 1925. And they are in a collectible Wayt Raymond album to boot! Worth $300 apiece.

D. My father bought this coin and I want to know what it's worth.

...I was doing construction and I found this coin... ...I was at a tag sale... blah blah blah... (click on question "My father bought..." above to expand answer") Congratulations, you made it to a very special corner of the Internet, conveniently located between "" and "" Actually, the reason I sent you here is that you have a question I am so commonly asked that my gf will kill me if she has to listen to me answer it all over again. Several times a we...

D. US currency

We call this "money" and encourage you to spend it wisely!

D. Silver certificates

As shown it's worth about $20. There's a very small premium for small size currency.

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We identify items, determine value, and even make an offer on the spot. We can help you decide what to sell, put at auction, or hold for investment.

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