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We'll mail you back a check, it's that simple!


Mail Us Your Coins! Contact us for instructions. 

We'll mail you back a check, it's that simple!

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D. 1 coin, believe it is copper with wreath under ship

It's a reproduction, not a lot of value to speak of.

D. I am new to coin collecting and purchased this off of Ebay. In my excitement to win the auction, I thought PCG was PCGS. When I received the coin I notice the upper right rim was damaged. Can it really be MS65 with rim damage? Is the coin worth anything or should I ask for a refund? 1878 Morgan CC

Ask for an immediate refund. It looks cleaned and worth a small fraction of a true MS65. They aren't allowed to use numbered grades with disapproved services. I doubt it would even get a numeric grade. Sorry, but want to see you get out safely.

D. 1935 dollar a series silver certificate with blue seal

These are quite common. Worth $3-5 if light or no circulation. Otherwise close to face value.

D. I have a 1818 large cent grad is probably AU58

If it's truly that grade it is worth at least a couple hundred dollars. However that's a very strong grade and if it has any past cleanings scratches or damage it's not gonna get that number!

D. Swiss franc series 5

As a two-note lot, these don't have a whole lot of value!

D. Hello, i have an 1879 dollar coin and I want to know if it has any value. Thank you

It's worth $12. More if there is a cc on the back on the bottom for Carson City. The fact that it's mounted as a jewelry piece reduces its value.

D. Hello, I would like to know if these coins has value. Thank you

Yes probably around $60. I would have to see the back to be sure.

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