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We'll mail you back a check, it's that simple!


Mail Us Your Coins! Contact us for instructions. 

We'll mail you back a check, it's that simple!

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D. 1996 US Mint 4 Coin UNC Set Atlanta Olympic Games Gold & Silver w/ Cauldron In original box with certificate of authenticity (That is not a actual picture of the item, but it IS what they look like.)

There are so many varieties of sets this year we need to see it to narrow it down. It's probably in the neighborhood if a couple hundred bucks.

D. Have alot more of these ,almost full set of wheat pennies ,old bills ,lots more varieties of , my husband are beginner's , want to know easiest , cheapest way to have out most valuable coins graded .let me know what this coin goes for graded ? Please , thanks

None of the coins you describe are likely to be worth grading. Grading is an expensive process which you use for rare and high-end coins not common ones from circulation. Call me at 914-649-3317 and I will explain this more fully.

D. 1804 Half cent

Condition and color are nice, $50-75

D. 1794 1C

This beat up, $30 retail

D. 1890 CC Morgan

$50-80 very good

D. 1879 Morgan crust toned MS

1879s are common and this may not earn an MS grade $25-50

D. 1858 o 50C Near MS SS Republic Shipwrek

These are very popular. Without the original packaging and certificate of authenticity, it's at least $100. And it can be more.

D. 1842 10C about XF

This is over graded. It's more like very fine or fine, $15-$20.

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