Kindly read our FAQs ("Tutorials") before submitting appraisals or inquiries!

ANA Life Member, USPAP Compliant, IRS Standards, Family Friendly

Kindly read our FAQs ("Tutorials") before submitting appraisals or inquiries!

ANA Life Member, USPAP Compliant, IRS Standards, Family Friendly

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We kindly ask you to limit your request to ONE item, preferably with images of both sides. We specialize in items that are older and of some historic importance. Please include photos of both sides if possible.

We may use your appraisal on our site as reference for others with the same item(s). We'll never display your personal information and will remove all sensitive information from your submission. Please contact us for a private appraisal. View our privacy policy.

Most inquiries we get are about circulated coins made after 1971, and/or coins where people mistake post-mint damage and wear for "errors". You can expect us to affirm these are face value. We ask that before you write and submit such questions, to PLEASE first read through our existing postings and our "what it's worth" primers.

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D. 2000 us penny with multiple strikes

Multiple bruises maybe. Where do you people come up with this stuff?

D. 1858/7 flying cent

Based on recent sales, $8,00-9000 retail. Need help selling anything?

D. old two dollar, five, and ten. I have singles too - this is just an example

These bills are common with wear. At best figure about 1.5 - 2 times face value at most.

D. I am actually a little embarrassed to be asking, but I was reading about minting errors and that they may increase a coin's value. This 1982 (p) quarter has what I see as a defect-- the "LIBERTY" is melded with the border and "In God We Trust" is wider than usual. Thank you for your time.

Nothing to be embarrassed about. If you read our tutorials on this site, it explains that errors are dramatic production mistakes and add to the value of a coin; but minor variations due to worn dies, circulation wear, and poor production quality detract from the value. Hence, you have a quarter.

D. 1969d penny

Wow does that really seem old to you?

D. 1971 quarter looks like been struck over and under a dime maybe not sure struck more than 1 time can see looks like 1941 to the right of the #s 1971

Looks like you got yourself 25 cents. Suggest you read our FAQs/Tutorials, which address this thoroughly.

D. I have two 1776-1976 bicentennial quarters. One has die and mint errors on it and the other has a D on it and is in good condition.

You have two quarters, worth face value; errors dubious, you can't blame our fine mint employees for post-mint wear and damage.

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