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We'll mail you back a check, it's that simple!


Mail Us Your Coins! Contact us for instructions. 

We'll mail you back a check, it's that simple!

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D. Various coins like this maybe a duplicate request thansk

The dollars are worth $13. The halves, $6. I'd want to check the mint marks on the back below the eagle.

D. Estate engagement ring left to me I believe it is 18k gold and maybe 3/4 carats.

Diamonds are very difficult to price unless you're looking at them through magnification The wholesale purchase price for this that you would get is probably in the range of four hundred to six seven hundred fifty dollars. The retail sales price for a preowned piece like this that does not have a GIA sheet is probably twelve hundred to seventeen fifty. Feel free to let me know if you want to make an appointment.

D. This is relic of St Therese and behind the glass is a red wax seal. I’m not sure what is nestled in the glass. I believe it is a sterling silver locked and chain thank you

I love these things but they tend to be worth their weight in silver and in this case we're talking $5 to $10 if it is indeed silver. You might see it for sale for 20-$30 in a jewelry store but the mark up is high on small common antiques.


Usually $500-700, depending upon the price of gold. Most of the value is in the gold itself.

D. 1982 half dollar no FG in mint condition

Sit down for this. Are you ready? It's worth... fifty cents!

D. 1964 jfk

Two very important things happened in 1964. The first is that the US government made 90% silver coins for the last time for regular circulating pieced. Special legislation was passed to put JFK on the half dollar, nothing like that had ever been done with so little time passing between the death of the president and the appearance on our coinage. The very popularity of this coin may have killed the denomination in the end. So many people set these aside that they never really circulated. That'...

D. Looks like an interesting coin. I do not understand the notch in it. Does it have any value? Thanks.

The notch is basically damage. However it came about, it makes the coin worth about a dollar or two. I have a mutant coin collection and love even the ugly ones!

D. Parthia 200-200 ad bearded head of king rev arsaces

What a neat old coin! It's worth about $50-$75.

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