Kindly read our FAQs ("Tutorials") before submitting appraisals or inquiries!

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Kindly read our FAQs ("Tutorials") before submitting appraisals or inquiries!

ANA Life Member, USPAP Compliant, IRS Standards, Family Friendly

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Questions and Answers

Questions about coins and currency? Have them answered by Marc Rosner, a true numismatist! [NOTE: Due to the exploding craze in errors and many related misleading postings on the Internet, we respectfully ask that before you inquire about modern varieties, you kindly read through our existing Q & A's, to rule out the kind of damage or wear we have already addressed.]


Recent Questions

Questions and Answers

Get accurate information on your own collection from a true numismatist.

Q. I have a few 1943 wheat pennys that I have collected and I think one of them is steel wheat penny. Are these pennies are worth any money?

They are all steel. Some may look like they are a different metal because of oxidation. We buy these for 1.5 cents apiece, and sell them for 2 cents. We can pay more for a large number, such as ten or more rolls ($5 face value).

Q. Do you appraise stamps? Do you buy stamps?

Yes. But Stamps rarely have value. Marc 914-649-3317

Q. Hi, is it true that a single 1943 penny is worth many thousands of dollars? I found one. Am I rich now?

This is possibly the most common question we get asked. Your 1943 cent (Britain has pennies, not us!) is worth a cent. The confusion arises from the fact that these cents were made out of zinc-coated steel. While there are a few copper 1943 cents (and a few steel 1944's) out there, I'm confident you don't have one. You'll know because you can lift your steel cent with a magnet. If it were copper, it would not do that. And even if by some miracle you a bronze 1943 cent, and it was worth $100,000,...

Q. Hi, Marc. I like your website. I have a 1912 gold sovereign coin. I think it's from Great Britain. How much is it worth?

This depends on the grade and mint Mark, I have to see them. Also a full sovereign and a half sovereign they look exactly the same and so it should be weighed or measured. An uncirculated Australia sovereign of that date can retail for &400. A worn common one scraps at $250. That's your range. It was made as a bullion product and it remains the same and if it's worth more than gold that's the dealers profit and it's usually not a large margin.

Q. Is my 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar worth $5,000?

Odds are it's worth $15-20. The U.S. government made millions more silver dollars than were ever needed because of a powerful silver lobby. Hundreds of thousands have been found in modern times in uncirculated bank bags. Your early dollar may look great, but the dies were sharp back then and many people set them aside. It's harder to find a dime from that year! With silver around $17 per troy ounce, we buy most circulated Morgan and Peace dollars for $13-15 and sell them for $16-20 at shows. Of ...

Q. I found a jar of old coins. Which are silver?

All dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars minted 1964 and earlier. Many were set aside from circulation around that time, and as of today (March 13, 2018) they are worth about twelve times face value. So a dime is worth $1.20 in silver.

Q. I have a sterling silver flatware I'm thinking of selling. I have a 4 set and 11 setting (don't know where the 12th is) is it better to sell as silverware, or for the weight of the silver

You will get about the same either way. We pay more than the melters because we have retail clients. Marc

Q. Value of Kenny half dollars

Regular issue Kennedy half dollars, at today’s silver price, are worth $6 for 1964 specimens; $2.50 for 1965-1970; and half a dollar thereafter.

Q. Dear Michael, Good afternoon! I have (5) silver dollars. One 1883-S , two 1896 (no mark) and two 1921, one with an "S" the other has no mark. They are all in decent condition. And I am curious as to what their values would be worth? I also have some paper currency, both red and blue stamped along with penny collections (although not complete) from my Dad. Also have a few items that are unique and was unable to find on the internet, such as a "peach pit" basket from my great grandmother-a stamp collection and some other interesting items! Just curious as the holder of these items if any would be worth what I am hopeful they could be worth or should I just keep all of it around for my daughter and the next generations to come? Thank you, Susan

Susan, your half dollars are probably worth $12-15. If the 1921s are the newer style Peace Dollar, they are somewhat more. The paper currency and cents are probably so close to face value you should give them to kids. Perhaps you can get them off the smart phone for a minute and develop a hobby. The other things are probably worth more for their memories, but you can always send photos.

Q. I inherited my grandfather's coin collection. There are over 1000 coins. Approx. 860 Franklin halves 1947-59. 160 1964 Kennedy Halves. 21 Morgan, 19 Liberty dollars and some 1964 dimes. All coins are in various conditions from poor to fine. I'd be interested in liquidating the collection. What is the best way to do this? Thank you for your time.

See me in my Hastings office. Odds are the silver is 7x face value. 914-649-3317 for appointment. What's your number?

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