Kindly read our FAQs ("Tutorials") before submitting appraisals or inquiries!

ANA Life Member, USPAP Compliant, IRS Standards, Family Friendly

Kindly read our FAQs ("Tutorials") before submitting appraisals or inquiries!

ANA Life Member, USPAP Compliant, IRS Standards, Family Friendly

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Questions and Answers

Questions about coins and currency? Have them answered by Marc Rosner, a true numismatist! [NOTE: Due to the exploding craze in errors and many related misleading postings on the Internet, we respectfully ask that before you inquire about modern varieties, you kindly read through our existing Q & A's, to rule out the kind of damage or wear we have already addressed.]


Recent Questions

Questions and Answers

Get accurate information on your own collection from a true numismatist.

Q. I have sent in pictures of some coin I have to get information about them and also get a price to how much they are worth if anything but no response whatsoever.

All I see are manned flight medals. Are they silver? Look on edge and for markings "sterling" or .999 or .925. Where are you located? If silver these are probably worth $15-20. If not, maybe a dollar or so.

Q. Have you ever heard of a nose double error on a 1959D us penny?I have on e and can not find info. Thank u

No. I mean, I've heard everything as hundreds of people email me weekly with such nonsense. The only doubling I care about is the 1955 or something equally as dramatic.

Q. I have some paper currency, your showing in your HV.COM AD. larger then horse blankets, and date is 1912 how much are generally worth?. got these note 60 something years ago from my grandmothers brother

Really need to see. You can email to me or send by text, 649-3317, area code 914.

Q. I have a 2013 Alaska quarter with half the clad layer missing on reverse side, any value?

Not much, would have to see. At most maybe $15-20.

Q. I have some coins I'd like to get some info on and I have submitted one to you online to look at. How much do you charge to look at the other coins and the fancy serial number 1 dollar bill I have? Part of what I am wondering is if I should have any of the coins or the dollar graded professionally or not? Thank you for your time and any advice you can give.

Save your pennies for now. Though I'm viewed by many who don't read my FAQs as mean and cruel, you are being polite and humble. I answered your question and invite you to submit the others, one or two pieces at a time. I would hate for you to spend more on certification fees than your specimens are worth, so will tell you what I can. --Marc

Q. I have a 1964 Lincoln d mint penny with a clipped planchet what makes it a thousand dollar coin versus a 10 dollar coin

Jay, it was barely even a $10 coin. Clipped planchets are among the more common errors. I guess if people believe all the things from the Internet it took them to believe to get Donald Trump into office, they can also believe a few fantastical things about their coins.

Q. I came in possession of a trunk with hundreds of rolls of pennies with multiple rolls of almost every year from 1910 to 1955. The rolls all have that copper oxidation. Should I sell as is or clean before selling?If cleaning is vinegar and baking soda the best option?

Any attempt at cleaning copper by the untrained is certain to destroy. Where are you located?

Q. I have 4 Presidential Coins, 3 2007 P George Washington's, and 1 2009 P James K. Polk in which the edge lettering is reversed from the others. Is this a significant error?

We aren't addressing modern "errors" anymore.

Q. Hi. I have previously submitted a photo of a coin and haven't had any response? Kind regards Cowin

Traveling thru Sunday. Daughter graduating college after two years Covid postponement. Woo hoo! Will answer ASAP.

Q. I have a few magnetic coins some Canada,germany and cayman island is there any value

Not much to speak of!

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