1. We are an office, not a shop. With an appointment we are all yours!

2. Our Online Appraisals and Q&A are so popular we get a little backlogged at times. Please be patient!!



1. We are an office, not a shop. With an appointment we are all yours!

2. Our Online Appraisals and Q&A are so popular we get a little backlogged at times. Please be patient!!



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Questions and Answers

Questions about coins and currency? Have them answered by Marc Rosner, a true numismatist! [NOTE: Due to the exploding craze in errors and many related misleading postings on the Internet, we respectfully ask that before you inquire about modern varieties, you kindly read through our existing Q & A's, to rule out the kind of damage or wear we have already addressed.]

Recent Questions

Questions and Answers

Get accurate information on your own collection from a true numismatist.

Q. Hi -- do you offer appraisals on Oriental rugs and if so, can you suggest where I can sell ours? It's a rug my husband's grandfather bought in China about 100-120 years ago. Thanks.

Antiques are a tough sell in this region. I often recommend that the owner find a charity to donate to, and I write an appraisal for the retail value; the deduction could be worth more than sale proceeds would generate. I happen to need a rug for my new loft, so if you want a quick sale...

Q. Do you buy stamp collections? I have 4 boxes of albums of US stamps from 1952 to the 1970's. Single stamps, plate blocks,blocks of four, and first day covers. Due to down sizing, I want to sell them instead of leaving them in a storage locker.

Yes. But I use the stamps for postage and I give the covers to children. So you may not be thrilled with what I can pay you.

Q. I have 400 different samples of German paper money from 1921. I have Wheat pennies up to the 1950's. Do they have value and would you be interested in purchasing them? Thanks I heard about you on WHUD

We buy everything but your items are common. The wheat cents are two cents apiece and the currency can be five or ten to the dollar!

Q. Hi Marc, We are deciding on weather to sell some silver coins for their melt values-what is a usual fee for this service?

I don't charge a fee per se; right now we are buying 90% U.S. silver for six times face value, so a quarter becomes $1.50; and a dime, 60 cents. Silver is strong and we might be able to do a little better if it holds! Marc

Q. Do you buy paper money ?

All the time!

Q. We have an artwork collection (153 pieces) from a former well-known NYC establishment that we would like to have appraised, we have photos of each piece as well. Please advise. Thank you.

What kind of appraisal, why do you need it? E.G., estate, insurance, liquidation? Give me your number, I'll call you to discuss options. I write very professional appraisals, and am meticulous in my research and description, provide value; can give you references or samples if you wish. I can also prepare a marketing/sales plan. Marc 914-649-3317

Q. I have some very old Lincoln wheat pennies,the only one's i don't have is the 1909,and 1943.what can you tell me on how to sell some or all of them?

Call me at 914-649-3317 and schedule a meeting so I can make you a cash offer! Marc

Q. I have some foreign coins. Can I bring them in to exchange for U.S currency?

Sure! However many coins are obsolete because of inflation and the Euro. What are we talking about here?

Q. Are 1969 or 1974 series twenty dollar bills worth anything more than face value??

No you'd have to go much earlier. ?

Q. Any idea what the value of 1988 American Eagle Gold Bullion coin Proof Set would be worth?

$2,928. The four-piece set contains 1.85 troy ounces of gold. At one time these sets had a premium of $300-400 over the gold melt value; this extra amount has all but evaporated as there is an abundance of material coming to market. Your best bet for selling is probably to call an online bullion dealer such as APMEX and lock in on the market price and FedEx it to them insured. Or meet with us for a competitive cash offer; basically, you are trying to get 96-99% of the spot price for gold. We can...

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