Kindly read our FAQs ("Tutorials") before submitting appraisals or inquiries!

ANA Life Member, USPAP Compliant, IRS Standards, Family Friendly

Kindly read our FAQs ("Tutorials") before submitting appraisals or inquiries!

ANA Life Member, USPAP Compliant, IRS Standards, Family Friendly

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Questions and Answers

Questions about coins and currency? Have them answered by Marc Rosner, a true numismatist! [NOTE: Due to the exploding craze in errors and many related misleading postings on the Internet, we respectfully ask that before you inquire about modern varieties, you kindly read through our existing Q & A's, to rule out the kind of damage or wear we have already addressed.]


Recent Questions

Questions and Answers

Get accurate information on your own collection from a true numismatist.

Q. I recently saw a video of US pennies being of great value. Would you be so kind to give a little more information on what this video is referring to?

I'm not even looking at it. Nor should you. Here is what you need to know most of all: The open Internet is a terrible source of information about coins. Or about anything for that matter, e.g., Presidential Elections, etc. Please read the tutorials we have posted at, top center of home page. Forget youtube and social media, it's rife with misinformation and posts that support advertising and personal interests of the authors. I have several documents that contain answers to the c...

Q. Hi, I have two gold coins that I am interested in what they are worth if I were to sell them. The first is a ten dollar US coin from 1913, and the second is a 2 1/2 dollar US coin from 1928. Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Best~Michele Cooper

Figure $1,100 and $300 respectively. Do you want to sell?

Q. I have 2 silver dollars. One is a Bicentennial silver dollar dated 1776-1976 and the other silver dollar is 1977 . Are they worth only face value or more?

They are copper nickel not silver. Basically they are just face. Sometimes I can get a little extra at shows.

Q. Hello, I have a collection of foreign coins that I would like to get appraised for value. This collection dates back 60 plus years many countries no longer exist ie. Rhodesia. some were picked up in flea market in Rome Italy and appear to be quite old. Some neded cleaning for legibility. Can you assess this type of colection on an individual coin basis?

Yes but I charge for appraisals. Why don't you submit a photo of everything here in one group? That I can help you decide if that's a route worth pursuing. Often groups of loose world coins have been hit by inflation and changes of currency such as replacement by Euro.

Q. Is there a fee for appraisals? Thank You!

First, I look at what needs to be appraised. For small collections of low value, I can often just tell people what things are worth (we do complimentary appraisals of single items here). I quote an appraisal fee for more valuable or specialized items, based upon $90 per hour.

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